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Transportation touches all our lives every day, whether you are driving to the store, biking to school, taking the bus to work, or navigating curbs and sidewalks on foot or with an assisted mobility device. Here at the FRCOG we work to provide the safest transportation network possible, with as many transportation options as possible. We know that for you and our communities to thrive, we need transportation that is safe, efficient, and equitable.

On this page you will find contact information for all transportation planning staff, summaries of current and recent projects with links to relevant documents, and upcoming events.

Current Projects

Complete Streets Funding Program Assistance to Towns

The FRCOG staff is assisting the towns of Erving and Northfield and previously assisted Buckland, Montague, and Whately to compile Complete Streets (CS) Prioritization Plans as part of the Massachusetts…


Evaluation of Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In 2017, FRCOG Staff assessed the demand for electric vehicle charging stations in the region to determine if the existing infrastructure is adequate or if additional charging stations are needed. …


Franklin County Park and Ride Facilities

In 2018, FRCOG Staff evaluated the existing park and ride facilities in Franklin County to determine how well they are being utilized. In addition, FRCOG Staff conducted surveys of the…


Franklin County Regional Transportation Plan Update (2020)

Every four years the FRCOG updates the Franklin County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP is a comprehensive accounting of transportation needs, issues, facilities, and potential funding needed for the…


Franklin County Rural Road Guide

The FRCOG Transportation Planning staff compiled the Franklin County Rural Road Guide to provide towns with a quick reference to information about roadway operations and regulations. The guide contains summaries…


Green Infrastructure Guide for Public Works Projects

The FRCOG staff prepared a Green Infrastructure Guide for Public Works Projects. The Guide introduces different green infrastructure storm-water management techniques and explains how the techniques could be applied in transportation projects.…


High-Risk Stream Crossings in the Deerfield River Watershed

The reports of High-Risk Stream Crossings in the Deerfield River Watershed are now available. The information in the reports and maps is from a pilot project completed by the Massachusetts…


Most Hazardous Intersections in Franklin County, 2011-2013

The Most Hazardous Intersections in Franklin County, 2011-2013, reports on data from motor vehicle crashes in Franklin County and identifies locations with repeated crash occurrences.  Trends in the factors contributing…


Regional Pedestrian Plan for Franklin County

The FRCOG completed an update of the Regional Pedestrian Plan for Franklin County.  The plan provides a comprehensive resource that identifies tools and strategies for developing pedestrian-related infrastructure improvements in…


Vision Zero/Distracted Driving Report

In recent years, a movement has grown that aims to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious road traffic injuries; this movement is known as Vision Zero. Vision…

On-Going and Past Projects

Regional Complete Streets Evaluations

Complete streets are roadways that have safe access for all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders. As part of an effort to promote Complete Streets and safe transportation…


Connecticut River Scenic Byway Tri-state Bike Map

The FRCOG has coordinated to create a bicycling map for the tri-state (Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire) section of the Connecticut River Scenic Byway area. The FRCOG worked with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission…


Franklin County Bikeway

The Franklin County Bikeway is a county-wide regional bicycle network. The Bikeway consists of both shared roadway routes and off-road bicycle paths. The original 44-mile section of the Franklin County…


Walk Franklin County Maps

In collaboration with the Greenfield YMCA, the FRCOG developed Walk Franklin County maps for all of the towns in Franklin County.  The maps depict one or two-mile walking routes in…


Scenic Byways

The National Scenic Byway Program is a federal transportation program that recognizes and celebrates scenic roads throughout the country. In Massachusetts, eligible roads are officially designated as Scenic Byways through…


Comprehensive Service Analysis (CSA)

The FRCOG also conducts transportation planning for public transit in coordination with the Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA). The FRCOG periodically conducts studies to assess transit services and ongoing unmet…


Traffic Counting Program

The FRCOG has operated and maintained traffic counting equipment since 1991, primarily to conduct state-requested counts required by our contract with MassDOT. However, fulfilling this obligation has taken only a portion…


Pavement Management Program

Roadways are critical assets in the local and regional transportation network. They provide a connection between people, goods, and businesses.  The condition of the roadways directly impacts the safety and…


State Data Center Affiliate

Through its function as a State Data Center affiliate, the FRCOG can provide statistical information upon request to residents, organizations, businesses, and municipalities in Franklin County. The staff has expertise in…


Passenger Rail

The investment of nearly $125 million from the Federal Railroad Administration beginning in 2010 has led to the upgrade of the Connecticut River Main Line railroads tracks (roughly paralleling Interstate 91), the construction of…


Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a prioritized, multi-year program for the implementation of transportation improvement projects in the Franklin region. Any project intended to receive federal transportation funds must,…


Unified Planning Work Program

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) describes the scope and estimates the cost of work tasks to be conducted by the transportation planning staff of the Franklin Regional Council of…


Ryan Clary

Senior GIS Specialist

Beth Giannini

Senior Transportation Planner II

Maureen Mullaney

Transportation & GIS Program Manager II

Megan Rhodes

Senior Transportation and Land Use Planner

Laurie Scarbrough

Transportation Planning Engineer

Peggy Sloan

Director of Planning & Development


It’s MUD SEASON! Tell us about your Dirt/Gravel Roads!

It’s MUD SEASON! Tell us about your Dirt/Gravel Roads! The FRCOG is working with Rep. Natalie Blais to better understand…

Regional Pedestrian Plan for Franklin County is Available Online

Regional Pedestrian Plan for Franklin County The Regional Pedestrian Plan for Franklin County is completed and available online at Pedestrian…

The new Franklin County Rural Road Guide is available

Staying on top of all of the regulations, standards, guidelines, and funding sources related to the maintenance and improvement of…

Next Events

Oct 03

Demo Event for Transpo Planning

October 3 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Oct 19

Another Sample Transportation Event

October 19 @ 8:45 am - 9:30 am
Recent Publications

The Transportation Planning staff has published a wealth of documents on the subject, which are available for the public to download. Here are links to the three most recent publications. To see all documents related to this department, visit our Publications page.

Regional Pedestrian Plan for Franklin County (2021)

Franklin County Rural Road Guide

Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plans

See All Publications
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